Brenda Robinson

BrendaBrenda Robinson has been fortunate enough to work for over 30 years in the training and development field. She has spoken at conferences, developed and delivered workshops, provided organizational consulting, and coached people for success in their roles on teams and in their diverse workplaces.

Brenda's passion is for creating positive, productive learning environments. Her research and development focus is on people skills. She works tirelessly to build resources to support people to communicate more effectively, work together more productively and get the best results possible for themselves and their organization.

She continues to address new challenges to provide services to assist individuals and teams to effectively manage change, stress, priorities and develop new work habits. Brenda has a positive approach to everything she does. She believes in balancing who we are and what we do. She puts equal energy into her work and her family. Her grandchildren are her treasures. She and her husband Len have been married for over 40 years. Their 5 children continue to be their focus.

Brenda grew up on a farm close to Minnedosa, Manitoba and values the rural experience. She stays connected to family in Manitoba and now spends time in two settings – Sherwood Park and Victoria. Her desire to share her research and resources has lead to the publication of two books. She also markets an audio CD set and has video currently in the works.

Brenda received her Bachelor of Arts from Brandon University in Brandon, Manitoba (Major in English) and her Masters of Education from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C.

Join Brenda to listen, laugh, and learn about other people, about yourself and about other stuff we may need and want to know. Learn more at The RobcanGroup.

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