Mike Harnett

Mike Harnett

Mike Harnett is Vice President of Human Factors for SIX Safety Systems, a consulting firm that specializes in Fit for Duty Solutions with an emphasis on fatigue management.

Mike has over 25 years of experience consulting with various government agencies including NASA, as well as assisting nuclear, transportation, mining, energy, maritime, entertainment, construction and first responder industries. She is a specialist in helping organizations address fatigue from a systems perspective, promoting both strategic and tactical applications to reduce risk.

Mike is an active subject matter expert serving on several technical committees to help establish national and international standards, guidelines and regulations. She was also recently involved in a National Safety Council “Blue Ribbon Panel” addressing fatigue in the United States and is currently the fatigue management expert for the Rail Association of Canada.

With a background in human factors and sleep neurobiology, Mike is recognized for her ability to take the complex subject of fatigue and deliver relevant content in a simplified and innovative manner for all to understand. An award-winning speaker and fatigue warrior, she is known for her sense of humor and is a sought after presenter throughout North America.


Ill Sleep When Im Dead

Twice you've dozed off at the wheel, only to wake up as you're entering the ditch. You manage 6 hours of sleep if you're lucky. You have the energy of a slug, you're arguing more and more with your family and co-workers, and there's a small nuclear reaction bubbling up in your stomach again. Cutting back on sleep has consequences. Can we sustain the pace weve set for ourselves? The evidence says, NO! This session will reveal how fatigue is affecting real people in real time, and provide personal strategies on how you can take action to protect yourself.

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